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Computer Repair

Need help with your computers servers or network?

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We can come and visit your home, office, or shop anywhere in Nelson, Richmond, Hope, Wakefield, Blenhiem and many other places in Tasman.

Why Choose On-Site Computer Support

1. Convenience. No need to disconnect all those cables, drive to Nelson, Find a parking spot, and after the repair has been finished, work out where to connect all those cables and plugs.
2. Faster turnaround time. When you are busy, the last thing you want is not having your computer available for days. We offer same day service! Running a business? Call-out is the best option – less down time saves you money!
3. Seeing the computer in its environment helps find the problems. Sometimes, what you thought was the computer problem, is actually caused by your network, faulty power board, or devices attached.
4. On-site computer repair is a very good option – you don’t have to disconnect any cables and drive to Nelson to see us. Instead, we come to you and fix the problems that you have where your computer is.

Why Choose Remote Computer Support

We can fix many computer issues with the help of remote support software and a phone call. You don’t have to bring the computer to us or wait for us to visit you at your home or office. Remote help makes fixing most common problems very quick. Remote Support allows us to take control of your computer from our office. We can use our computer’s keyboard, mouse and monitor to fix your computer.

Computer Technologies trained technician's can help fix any of your technology problems.

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Remote Support

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Web Panel

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Web Sites

Laptop Repair

Laptop Repairs

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Desktop Repairs

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Tablet Repairs

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Keyboard Repairs

Cooling Issues

Cooling Issues

Why Choose Us

We have the best people so we get the best results for you.

We offer a complete set of IT services. If you need it, whether it's hardware, software or support , we have it. It's our job to know everything about IT, so you are left to concentrate on your business. Our team are highly qualified, people who know how to help you in a way that makes sense to you.

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24 hour support is available via service contract

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